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Legal video experts help Law firms succeed inside and outside

deposition NC
A popular proverb of the
legal world is that an individual who endeavors to
defend herself in a court of law "has a fool for a client.". Most people agree
that lawyers are the best people to deal with legal cases. They have the skills,
training and practical experience necessary to give their
clients optimal representation all the
way through the entire legal process. The same reasoning can certainly be applied to the legal video production industry,
too. There's
certainly a lot that goes into creating a legal video, and only a trained professional possesses the knowledge and skills to do it effectively. Otherwise, the client's case will likely be damaged
substantially by a video that appears amateurish and improperly

Below are a couple of examples of just how a legal video
may be negatively impacted by a person who isn't a certified legal video specialist. Let us focus on
the camera angle first of all. How a person is thought of is affected by the alignment of the camera relative to the subject. The person will
seem to be overbearing if the camera is positioned low and shoots at an upward angle.
However, if the
camera is located higher than eye level, the person will appear
insignificant, small and weak. Each of these situations will have a damaging effect on how the jury acquires the testimony.

A second example in legal video production concerns lighting. Merely having a location with numerous lights is not quite enough.
The lights must be located in such a way that they don't create shadows in unintended ways. Light that is projected upwards on a person, for instance, tends to make him to look sinister
or evil. While this may
work well for Hollywood movies, it is definitely not something you want to see in a legal video!

Here are three requirements your producer will need to meet if you are an attorney in the Greensboro, High Point or Winston-
Salem areas of North Carolina and are interested in using video for a case.

Make certain that she's a certified legal video specialist. To receive certification, an individual
needs to be educated in the legal guidelines they are obligated
to follow and also all of the technical facets of video production. It's a possibility for a judge to disallow a video if it
was not generated by a certified legal video specialist.

A professional level video camera is definitely a must for your producer. There are not any consumer-level video cameras, even the finest ones, that have all of the tools needed to record the audio
and video sufficiently.

Be certain he uses professional audio equipment. This includes lavalier (or
tie clip) microphones and an audio mixer to process the audio signals from the microphones and transmit them to the camera. The top legal video experts realize that the audio is as important as the video, and
at times moreso.

These are only some of the ways a certified legal video specialist
can assist attorneys and their clients. They're being utilized more often in legal matters because it's not unusual for a video to become the most influential part of the case.


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